Reduce Costs, Reuse Concepts, Recycle Code

Powerful low-code capabilities
RationalCore puts more power in the hands of your business users and IT staff to build enterprise apps without the need for specialized skills.

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Build Solutions up to 70% faster
Create enterprise solutions complete with forms, views, and full documentation in minutes. Easily extend capabilities with integrations, REST APIs, and common web skills.

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Powered by RationalCore
Built on RationalCore, RCFG offers low-code tools with advanced enterprise-grade scale and functionality - with stability and security built-in.

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Remote Monitoring Services

Assets Discovery & Monitoring Services
For a smooth digital transformation, it is necessary to have the tools for change management and monitoring of the most important functions of the company, for this RationalCore provides services of discovery and remote monitoring of alerts. Trust RationalCore for your transformation.

With RationalCore remote monitoring services, your company can access our extensive experience and knowledge to help you optimize your operations and find equipment and software problems no matter where you are in the world. 24 hours a day you will have an expert available to help you.

Our team of experts helps identify the problem with your computer's automation software or connected equipment and advises you on the appropriate action to take. This helps you limit downtime and interruptions to your industrial equipment and systems.

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RationalCore platforms let people build enterprise-grade solutions with minimal programming effort,
offering a roadmap away from the traditionally slow, costly, and inefficient development process.

Vertical Market Samples


Is a platform that supports device connectivity in the IoT model for the implementation of autonomous and remotely managed end-to-end services, such as industrial, security, fleet management, health and personal care applications.

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Medicore is a Comprehensive Management System for Providers and Managers of Health Services, which allows the Digital Transformation of these companies, adapting to the current needs of a changing world.

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PeopleCore collects the data for users to quickly and easily locate assets and people. Status and condition data of assets can be viewed in near real-time, with a dashboard user interface to only see relevant information.

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Asset Management/Monitoring


Historical Site FunFactory


About us

We were the first company to provide games and mobile applications in the Argentine Republic and one of the first in South America and Europe, with more than five million distributed throughout the world. At the same time, we continued with the development of software for Telcos, some of the most important being: the Internet configuration system for SPEEDY of TELEFONICA in South America, with which the ISO9001 certification was achieved, the VideoMail value added service for all Telefónica users and CLARO's cell phone recharge system, as well as other modules for automatic internet access configuration for the millions of SPEEDY users in South America.

As we are not exempt from the challenges that continuous changes and the complexity of growing software technologies imply, we face them by introducing new methodologies and proprietary tools, which motivated the development of our LC / NC platform RationalCore that allowed us to serve large clients and generate their own Health solutions such as MediCore (Ensalud), IoTCore (TechTrack) and the people tracking platform PeopleCore.